Happy Holidays from E3 Spark Plugs

From the entire team at E3 Spark Plugs, we would like to wish all our customers and fans for making 2023 another special year. As we all know, you can’t start a fire without a good spark and E3 Spark Plugs would never have become one of the leading spark plugs online as well as on store shelves across the country without everyone’s support.

It's not surprising that E3 became heavily involved in a wide variety of racing programs where performance is tested every day on tracks across America. Especially considering that the DiamondFIRE technology powers the spark plug that was “Born to Burn” came from underneath the grandstand of our nation’s grass-roots racing events.

For those who don’t know, underneath the grandstands is where race teams pitted in the early days. What our engineering department did at E3 Spark Plugs was to improve upon the phenomena that drivers used for years. To improve the flame kernel produced by the plug in their engine’s combustion chamber, teams would split the traditional j-wire electrode.

Unique electrode design that does three things...

E3 Spark Plugs unique DiamondFIRE electrode is designed to accomplish three things: a) our open ground electrode design mimics surface gap plugs by directing the flame more directly toward the piston; b) our forward projecting electrode design brings the spark closer to the air/fuel mix; and c) our edge-to-edge discharge uses sharp edges to allow electrons to collide inside the spark zone.

Simply stated, the E3 DiamondFIRE ground electrode works to create a plasma channel through which the current can flow through more easily to outperform conventional designs, including many premium offerings from major spark plug manufacturers.

E3 DiamondFIRE Voted Best Performance Spark Plug

Last year, we were honored to be named Best Performance Spark Plug by Forbes Media in an article by Deputy Editor Andrew Wendler and freelance contributor Mike Bumbeck. As the authors pointed out in their article, there is no one best spark plug, but from a vintage motorcycle to a Top Fuel dragster, there is a best spark plug for your engine. Here’s why our plugs are always a great choice:

EFFICIENCY – DiamondFIRE spark plugs project the ground electrode farther forward into the combustion chamber to bring the spark zone closer to the air/fuel mixture. Since combustion waves leave the chamber at supersonic speeds, the elevated edge of the DiamondFIRE electrode creates somewhat of a chimney effect as the next mixture of fuel enters the spark zone. More fuel is converted to power by driving the piston downward more efficiently with less raw fuel escaping through the exhaust.

ENERGY – DiamondFIRE spark plugs combines the advantage of a surface and a traditional J-wire with a split ground electrode to reduce the quenching effect where the cooler center and ground electrodes can drain energy from the flame kernel by way of heat transfer. Severe quenching can actually extinguish the flame and lead to ignition failure. Trouble starting, engine knock due to misfiring, poor acceleration, rough idling and bad fuel economy are signs of a faulty plug.

ECOLOGY – E3 Spark Plugs deliver increased performance that includes lowering emissions in all of your engines, whether its your car or your snowmobile. However, according to the California Air Resources Board, your vehicles are not the worst polluters in your garage. That distinction goes to your lawnmower and it’s gasoline engine sidekicks like a leaf blower, sidewalk edger or hedge trimmer. After extensive testing the results showed E3 spark plugs reduced fuel consumption up to 13% in small engines.

We were ecstatic to earn top billing as the Best Performance Spark Plug for our patented DiamondFIRE technology. We were also thrilled that we have helped our fans save fuel and reduce harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere. But most of all, we are happy to have made so many new friends from coast to coast by spending time with you at a host of special events. Don’t forget to check out Products Section for ignition wires and coils, natural gas engine products, and E3 Lithium Batteries.


Our Multi-Edge DiamondFIRE Design Outperforms Other Spark Plug Designs


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