GM Issues a Recall over Airbags – And for Once, Takata Ain’t to Blame

Detroit’s General Motors just issued a recall and stop sale on nearly 1,800 2016 Chevrolet Colorado, Malibu and GMC Canyon vehicles. The issue involves a faulty airbag, but for once, beleaguered Japanese auto parts maker Takata is not to blame.

The latest recall involves a missing part – namely a component required for the second-stage, high-output deployment of GM’s airbags. Turns out the part wasn’t loaded during the making of the airbag’s inflator in affected rides. Trouble is, this missing component means that the airbag won’t deploy as quickly as it should in a high-speed crash.

This recall is fully unrelated to the Takata airbag issue which, thus far has resulted in multiple recalls affecting upward of 24 million rides made by 14 different carmakers. GM’s airbags come from a different manufacturer. 

If your ride is listed in the recall, you’ll likely get a recall notice in the mail. Don’t blow it off. Head to your GM dealer and as for a free-of-charge replacement. From all of us here at E3 Spark Plugs, be safe on the roadways.


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