Four Pricey Floyd Mayweather Rides Go Up In Flames

Famed fighter Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is as well known for his automotive bling as he is for his championship titles, as E3 Spark Plugs noted a few months ago. According to one of his few dealers of choice, Josh "Chop" Towbin, who owns Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas, Mayweather has purchased well more than 100 ultrahigh-end rides from the dealership, including nearly 20 Rolls Royces. But just like the Regular Joe, the guy has a bad day now and then.

One of those bad days happened earlier this week when a trailer transporting Mayweather’s Bentley, two Rolls Royce Whips and a highly customized Jeep caught fire, burning all four rides to a (very expensive) crisp. The trailer had left Miami and was headed to Vegas when trouble started just outside of Phoenix, Arizona around 1:30 am on Oct. 7.

The good news is that there were no injuries. And considering that Mayweather’s estimated net worth is upward $400 million, we’re guessing he’ll recover nicely.


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