Ford Performance Unveils Shelby FP350S at PRI Show

Spectators at this year's Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis were in for a real treat as Ford Performance unveiled their new non-street and track-ready Shelby FP350S race car. Though many comparisons have been made to the GT4, this Shelby truly stands on its own. In fact, the only similarities between the two vehicles are the white stock body they come with and the roll cage.

Where the GT4 was built for pro series racing, the FP350S is slotted for club and sprint racing classics like the SCVA's T1. According to Ford Performance Engineering Manager Dave Born, the new Shelby will feature a 5.2-liter V8 but be tuned to produce greater torque and horsepower at lower RPMs. How much more horsepower? "Quite a bit more," according to Born. The stock Shelby GT350R intake and six-speed Tremec 3160 manual transmission really set this car apart from the pack. Racing suspension, steering, brakes, and exhaust round out the design, making the FP350S a formidable racing machine.

Since the new Shelby doesn't have to adhere to the same FIA guidelines as the GT4, the engineers have included some interesting modifications to get the best experience on the race track. This includes a baffled oil pan and straight pipes, as catalysts are not required in this class. It also features upgraded cooling components throughout, including a specialized oil cooler, located behind the front fascia which has been repurposed as a differential cooler. This unique front mounting provides cooler air intake for the engine as a whole.

Another unique adjustment has been the anti-lock braking system, which is an upgrade from those found on the S197 Mustangs. Compare that to the overly complicated system found on the GT4, designed to match the guidelines of FIA. All in all, these adjustments will help the Shelby become a real show-stopper on any road course.


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