Ford, Chrysler Issue Recalls over Multiple Safety Issues

The 2014 Ford Escape is subject to two recalls – one involving an airbag software glitch, and another involving door handles that can stick in the open position.

Hey, Ford drivers – E3 Spark Plugs says “listen up.” Ford Motor Co. is recalling upwards of 700,000 Escape SUVs and C-Max gas-electric hybrids from areas all across North America. The trouble: Two safety issues involving sticky door handles and software glitches.

A portion of the recall affects more than 692,500 Escape and C-Max vehicles from the 2013 and 2014 model years. Turns out a software glitch can stop the side curtain air bags from inflating in certain types of rollover crashes, leaving drivers and passengers at risk for serious injury. Luckily, no related crashes or injuries have been reported Ford officials say. And it’s an easy fix. Registered owners can simply take their ride to the nearest Ford dealership, where a technician will reprogram the air bag control computer system free of charge.

The second issue is isolated to Ford Escapes, but affects upward of 692,700 of them. Ford warns that the exterior door handles can get stuck in the open position, preventing the doors from latching properly. This means that your door could suddenly open while you’re cruising down the highway. An indicator light will turn on and you’ll hear warning chimes, but depending upon your speed at the time, the issue could prove dangerous.

As with the software issue, the door handle problem has yet to cause a reported crash or injury. And it’s a simple fix as well. Your Ford dealer will inspect the handles and reposition them if needed, free of charge, of course.

Not sure whether the recall affects your vehicle? Click here and type in your ride’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). You’ll get an answer instantly. Or, check your mailbox for a recall notice from Ford.

Chrysler owners also got news of a recall this week. Chrysler Group recalled some 780,000 2010-2014 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country minivans, warning that the switches for third-row power windows can overheat if the window switch, located on the driver’s door, is exposed to moisture. Thus far, there have been about 40 known incidents of overheating, though none have caused injuries or accidents.

Chrysler says all registered owners of the recalled rides will be contacted directly. In the meantime, your local dealer can disconnect the switches that control the third-row power windows.

Meanwhile, that massive 2.6-million-vehicle recall over faulty ignition switches in multiple General Motors vehicle models continues. In affected rides, the ignition problem can cause the engine to shut off unexpectedly. Thus far, it’s been blamed for 13 deaths and has sparked a slew of lawsuits and a federal investigation.

“I think you’re going to see a heightened level of sensitivity across all automakers on this issue,” Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne remarked at a recent company conference.

Though it’s tempting to ignore those recall notices when you’ve seen no evidence of trouble in your own rides E3 Spark Plugs urges you to take them seriously. Recall-related issues are fixed free of charge and preventing a serious accident or injury is worth the drive you your local dealership. Be safe!


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