Ferrari is Building a New Supercar – Too Bad You Won’t Get One

The super exclusive Pininfarina Ferrari Sergio will go to an elite circle of just six high-dollar clients.

As if Ferrari owners weren’t already a relatively exclusive bunch, one group just got a bit more so. The iconic Italian carmaker is gearing up for production of the new Ferrari Sergio and plans to produce a grand total of six of them. Yep. Six, count ‘em, SIX. And even if you could afford to pony up the cash for one of your own, it ain’t happening unless you’re already on the invitation-only list.

Unveiled as a concept car at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari Sergio was drawn up in collaboration with the Pininfarina design firm. At the time, it was unclear whether the car would go into production. But as E3 Spark Plugs reported back in June 2013, cutting-edge 3D modeling software developed by French aerospace tech experts and used to design the car was helped to significantly reduce time and cost for highly specialized projects.

Created in tribute to the late Sergio Pininfarina, the legendary automotive designer who passed away in 2012, the Sergio is a super-sleek red and black speedster with completely custom body work. It’s based on the 458 Spider mechanical base and tech components and is outfitted with doors that rise upward rather than open outward. Road laws forced a few changes from the show floor concept, which had no windshield or mirrors. Company officials say the Sergio can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in less than 3.4 seconds.

The company won’t spill on just how much each model is fetching or who will be driving them home, but it’s no doubt in the millions and they’re all pre-sold with delivery expected early next year to that elite circle of Ferrari clients. The exclusivity is a high-end marketing ploy that has paid off handsomely for Ferrari, which typically caps the number of vehicles it makes each year to just 7,000. Owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ferrari posted revenues of $1.65 billion in the first half of 2014. That figure represents a 14.6-percent boost over revenues posted for the same period in 2013. Ferrari also has a “one-off” program, allowing for moneyed fans to design a custom car and have it produced at the company’s Maranello headquarter in Northern Italy.

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