Fast and Furious Fans Get a Theatrical Throwback

A decade and a half after Dom, Brian, Letty and the rest of the crew debuted in theaters and set up shop in the collective consciousness of fast car enthusiasts and film fans worldwide, the movie that started it all is getting a big screen throwback and we here at E3 Spark Plugs can't wait! Universal Pictures announced it will celebrate the now iconic film with a 15th anniversary, limited theatrical release of The Fast and the Furious starting June 22. 

“Fifteen years ago my life changed forever. Dom was born,” lead actor Vin Diesel, who plays street racing, carjacking anti-hero Dom Toretto in the series, recently told Entertainment Weekly. “Little did I know back then what that really meant. The brotherhood formed with Brian, the love personified in Letty and the sense of family initiated by Mia… It is surreal that this film has held up all the years and led to so much more. Proud of our Fast saga family. From studio to crew, thank you all.”

Since its June 22, 2001 release, the film and its six sequels have grossed a mind-boggling $3.9 billion. That figure is expected to grow significantly with the April 14, 2017 release of the franchise’s eighth chapter, currently dubbed Fast 8

We suspect tickets for The Fast and the Furious will go fast and furiously, so get yours now. Check the re-release website for screenings near you. In the meantime, check out the film’s 15th anniversary trailer here…


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