Engine Surging Can Be an Early Warning Sign of Ignition Problems

Engine surging is usually a warning sign that your car or truck is having combustion problems. Since a vehicle's ignition wires and spark plugs play a major role in proper engine performance, it is likely time to check your engine's electrical components. Each spark plug delivers current from the ignition coil via your vehicles spark plug wires to an individual cylinder's combustion chamber. The electrical impulse transmitted through the plug jumps the gap at the plug's firing end to ignite a compressed air/fuel mixture.

Bad Plugs Can Cause a Misfire

Each cylinder has a spark plug and a piston. The electrical voltage needed for combustion varies with different spark plugs. Intense heat causes the electrons following through the ignition system to jump the plug's gap and ignite the fuel mixture. Variables such as engine compression and condition of the electrode determine the amount of voltage required for smooth performance. The spark must occur, when each piston reaches an exact position in the cylinder. Although a spark plug does not create heat, it does play an important role in removing unwanted thermal energy from the combustion area.

Ignition Service and Tune-Ups Are Still Needed

Tune-ups and ignition system services are necessary to keep your car or truck operating at peak performance. However, unlike older cars and trucks, which needed regular ignition tune-ups, most vehicles today have electronic ignition systems built to go much longer without an ignition service. But, a properly working ignition system means your engine starts effortlessly and provides high performance when operating your vehicle. Moreover, any failure of your ignition system components results in poor performance and can cost you money at the pump. When your ride develops an ignition problem that you've not seen before, ask someone at the dealership or an automotive specialist for help.

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