E3 Spark Plugs’ Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Auto Owner

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to treat yourself and your car, truck or motorcycle right. E3 Spark Plugs offers its list of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for every auto owner:

  1. I will schedule two vehicle checkups this year and every year. My teeth look great to me, but my dentist no doubt can spot potential problems with my chompers that I can’t. Same goes for a well-trained mechanic and my car. Plus, having all those maintenance records gives my car a resale value boost.
  2. I will check my tires and wheels. Properly inflated tires improve fuel efficiency by 3.3 percent and save me an average $.09 a gallon at the pump. Underinflated tires contributed to more than 600 fatalities and 33,000 injuries a year on America’s roadways.
  3. I will check my vehicle’s fluids and keep up with scheduled fluid changes. Checking fluids is quick and easy. And changing them on schedule will save me serious repair money down the road.
  4. I will not lollygag in addressing minor knocks and pings and assorted other “minor” issues. Minor problems always turn into major ones when they’re ignored. Pay a little now or a lot later.
  5. I will have my brakes checked when I get my tires rotated or at the first instance of brake noise, vibration or increased stopping distance. Worn brake pads turn into damaged rotors. Again – pay a little now or a lot later. Maybe a whole lot if my brakes fail and cause a crash.
  6. I will ditch those worn out wiper blades scratching rainbow-shaped notches in my windshield. I will also get rid of faced or bubbled window tint or anything else that impedes my vision. And I’ll make sure all headlights, turn signals and brake lamps are working correctly. After all, it’s not enough to see – a safe car has to be seen too.
  7. I will have my vehicle’s charging and electrical systems checked once a year, every year. Being stuck in the mall parking lot with a dead battery sucks. And even if I get a jump start and get home in time to watch the game/race/rodeo, a dead battery can be just a minor symptom of a much bigger problem.
  8. I will find my owner’s manual / maintenance schedule and use it. I swear I have it somewhere. And all those reminders will help me keep my car in top shape and my resale value high.
  9. I will finally vacuum the beach sand out of my carpets and find that tuna sandwich my kid dropped in the back seat floorboard two weeks ago. Dirt, grime and other nasty stuff can act like sand paper, creating abrasions that can wear down my car’s upholstery and carpeting and putting a serious dent in my car’s resale value.
  10. I will switch to E3 spark plugs and quit mucking up the environment. E3 car spark plugs, truck spark plugs and motorcycle spark plugs are like none other on the market, giving my ride a power boost while reducing emissions and saving me a few bucks in fuel costs.

Got any New Year’s resolution suggestions? Leave us a comment or visit the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan page and post your ideas. Most of all, have a safe and happy 2001!


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