E3 Spark Plugs’ Thanksgiving Road Trip Tips

Headed out of town for Thanksgiving? E3 Spark Plugs offers family road trip tips.

If over the hills and through the woods to Grandmother’s house you go this Thanksgiving, be sure your ride is ready. E3 Spark Plugs offers a few road trip tips to help make your holiday a happy one – as long as you’re in the car, that is. You’re on your own with the in-laws and crazy Uncle Louie.

  • Go with the flow: Check, change and/or top off all your car’s fluids including the oil, coolant, brake and transmission fluid. It’s a good idea to switch out for a high-quality new oil filter too, particularly if you’re traveling a long distance.
  • Hit the brakes: The Thanksgiving holiday is the busiest time of the year on the roadways. Consider that it’s also a big NFL football day and that many post-game celebrants might be less than sober by the time they get back behind the wheel to head home. So being able to brake quickly and safely is critical. E3 Spark Plugs recommends getting a brake inspection before any holiday road trip to make sure your rotors are smooth and your brake pads remain thick. Also make sure your tires still have ample tread and that they’re aired up to proper pressure. Braking on bald or underinflated tires can have tragic results.
  • Light up: It’s just the lights on your holiday decorations that are important. Make sure your headlights, tail lights and brake lights all are working as well. This is particularly important if you’re traveling in snowy or foggy weather. Plus, a burnt-out light bulb is a major cop-magnet and that high-dollar ticket will cut into your Black Friday budget.
  • Banish bad blades: If it’s been six months or more since you last switched out your windshield wiper blades, chances are you need a new pair anyway. Driving in unfamiliar territory with a backseat full of antsy kids and a dish of green bean casserole is stressful enough. If it’s raining or snowing, a bum set of windshield wipers will really make you a cranky traveler.
  • Keep it clean: If you’re traveling in wet weather, all that mud and muck will do a real number on your nice carpet-like floor mats. Opt for an inexpensive pair of all-weather mats for the duration of the trip. And clear your backseat, dashboard and trunk of all unnecessary items – including that 40-pound set of golf clubs. The reduced weight will help you maximize gas mileage and you’ll have more room for bringing home leftovers, Black Friday booty and sleepy kids.
  • Keep the spark alive: Clean or replace your spark plugs to help maximize your car’s performance and your fuel economy. Be sure to check E3′s online catalog to make sure you’ve got the right set of car spark plugs or truck spark plugs for your vehicle.

From all of us here at E3 Spark Plugs, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!


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