E3 Spark Plugs Teams Up With CLASH Production to Deliver High-End Footage From the 2009 JDM Allstars Drifting Event

E3 Spark Plugs, in conjunction with CLASH Production and AutoStream, recently teamed together to deliver drifting footage from the JDM AllStars Round 2 event held at Lydden Hill Raceway just outside London, England on May 2nd thru 4th, 2009. Some of the best drifters in the world rip up the track at one of the best drifting events on the calendar. The high-end video footage is available for viewing on most any major online video portal, such as YouTube, Vimeo, StreetFire.net and more.  You can also view footage and additional exclusive content at www.e3sparkplugs.com/jdm09.

The E3 DiamondFIRE spark plug design features an open, diamond-shaped electrode that offers fuller flame growth and more complete fuel combustion, thus providing reduced emissions, increased horsepower and better engine durability. For more information about E3 Spark Plugs, including perfomance and emissions test results, or where-to-buy, visitwww.e3sparkplugs.com.

Located in Europe, Clash Production is a motor sports, music and youth-culture film company with a focus on delivering high-end edited video footage to viewers all over the world.  Clash Production is the number one producer of Drifting and Time-Attack event content.  Learn more at www.clashproduction.com.

AutoStream is a new service that funds the production of automotive web video by brokering deals with automotive sponsors.  The AutoStream team works directly with producer, distributors and sponsors to deliver the best automotive programming to viewers while offering thoughtful product integration into motor sports media.  To learn more about available opportunities, visit www.autostream.com.


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