E3 Spark Plugs Sponsors Michigan Tech’s Annual Undergraduate Expo

E3 Spark Plugs is proud to sponsor Michigan Technological University’s Undergraduate Expo 2010, featuring the work of dozens of incredibly gifted students whose research and inventions could help change the face of automotive, aviation, gaming, or even medical technology. Entries ranged from a robotic lawn mower to a remotely operated military vehicle; an automatic jar and can opening device to a wireless cardiopulmonary monitor. A few automotive related projects included an air-driven moped, a hybrid off-road wheel chair and several projects designed to analyze and improve automotive climate control devices. Others involved the use of alternative fuels and automotive computing.

This year’s expo featured not just Michigan Tech students, but student from high schools statewide plus college and high school teams from Puerto Rico and Universidad del Turabo in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. More than 100 student projects were displayed, showcasing Michigan Tech’s “education in action” and affording participants real-world experience in discover-based learning, interdisciplinary teamwork, product and device design, leadership, entrepreneurship and working hand-in-hand with industry leaders serving as project sponsors.

E3 Spark Plugs has a fondness for Michigan Tech, one of the two leading universities where top professors of combustion and engine dynamics helped develop and test E3′s diamond fire technology before it the market. Today, our company proudly supports the work of numerous Michigan Tech researchers. Recent work at the university’s Keweenaw Research Center involves E3 spark plugs in automotive and snowmobile engines. A new, cutting-edge laboratory will feature a pressure vessel that can withstand pressures and temperatures that occur in most combustion applications, such as inside spark plugs. This pressure vessel will allow scientists to study issues involving transport phenomena and thermo-chemical processes, plus related issues including flammability and safety; spark-ignited and diesel fuel-air mixing and combustion; and bio-fuels and alternative fuels mixing and combustion.

If your company is involved in or would benefit from technological research, consider sponsoring a team or being an event sponsor or judge for next year’s Michigan Tech Undergraduate Expo.


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