E3 Spark Plugs’ Sponsored Rick Huseman Dominates at Firebird International Raceway

After recently announcing their new sponsorship of off road racer Rick Huseman, E3 Spark Plugs came away from the 2011 Lucas Oil Off Race Series kick off at Firebird International Speedway in Chandler, AZ with solid proof of their wise choice!  Not only did Huseman qualify first in practice, but backed that up with coming in first during qualifying, and then putting on amazing shows during both main events Saturday March 19 and Sunday March 20, winning with flare at both Pro 4 series main events.

On hand to witness the exciting race on Saturday was Zan Martin, President of E3’s PR firm.  “This was my first Lucas Oil short track off road race to attend on E3’s behalf, and I must say, I was blown away by Huseman’s performance out there.”  Stated Martin.  “The first 10 minutes of the race he was running # 4, but after a crash, a few collisions and a few restarts he weaved his way to #2. When another truck rolled over, Huseman was cleared to make a major move on Carl Renezeder, kicked it into turbo mode, and left the pack in the dust!  Teaming with ‘Dirt Sports’ magazine’s Driver of the Year is already providing great benefits to E3 Spark Plugs.”

Backed by a five year, 100,000-mile warranty, E3 Spark Plugs, with their patented side-wire electrode, projects the combustion spark in a way that more quickly ignites the air/fuel mixture thereby creating a significantly faster and larger flame kernel. In effect, this burns more of the available fuel, resulting in increased combustion efficiency for improved power and fuel economy with reduced emissions. They are now available for most automotive, lawn & garden and power sports applications at automotive and home improvement retail stores nationwide. For more information and complete test results, visit www.e3sparkplugs.com.


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