E3 Spark Plugs Small Engine Plugs – For More Fuel Economy & Less Emissions


E3 Spark Plugs, with unique DiamondFire technology, deliver higher fuel economy, lower emissions and improve engine performance for all small engines including: blowers, weedeaters, generators, and lawn mowers.  Test results demonstrate a 6-12% improvement in horsepower under typical operations, and increased fuel economy of 3-13%, depending on engine class.  Hydrocarbon emissions in small enngibnes after 50 hours of use was reduced by 42%, and carbon monoxide emissions were reduced up to 58%.  Outdoor power equipment lasts longer and runs stronger because of reduced carbon buildup.

One particularly thrilled customer sent in the following testimonial: 

“My name is David and I just wanted to write E3 Spark Plugs about their magnificent product and the spectacular performance it has provided to my 1998 Lawn Boy (2-Cycle) Push-Mower! My experience began one Thursday evening when I had family arriving to stay at my home that weekend. During the middle of mowing my lawn, the mower started missing terribly and puffing smoke out the air filter. Surely, I thought this was the end of my lawnmower since it was coming to the end of its life-cycle (I have had it for over a decade). After attempting every simple repair to finish the remaining three-quarters of my lawn left to mow, I concluded that it must have been the “new” sparkplug of my old brand that I purchased just this spring in April. It was only the beginning of June. This means I only used my lawnmower approximately 6-8 times already, which isn’t anything for a sparkplug and a regularly maintenance and tuned lawnmower.

Therefore, I went to my local Menards to purchase a new sparkplug for the lawnmower as the last possible resolution to my much needed repair. To my astonishment my sparkplug type was sold out and I needed a new sparkplug today, so I utilized the Menards sparkplug guide to find a comparable sparkplug for my Lawn Boy and it specified your E3.10 Spark Plug. Worried a little about the price, I reviewed the package and all the details that your produce provides and I was sold on the “Energy, Efficiency, and Ecology” that is on the back of your package. After getting home and removing the old sparkplug that was already “worn” and replacing it with your E3 Spark Plug, it delivered everything that was promised on your package!

My Lawn Boy took off like it was brand new, with just one pull (instead of at least 3-4 with old sparkplug), I also had to turn down the throttle/choke to nearly half as the mower had way too much power, and I can mow my entire yard on one tank of gas in the lawnmower instead of 1.5 tanks! It’s incredible and my wife loves that I don’t smell like “lawn-mowing” anymore when I come inside like I use to with the old sparkplugs…You can barely even smell or tell I finished mowing my lawn! This product is incredible and I normally never write testimonials. But, your sparkplug has made my old 1998 Lawn Boy into a brand new lawnmower for only around $7! It’s unbelievable and keep up the great work, I have been telling all my neighbors, friends and colleagues about your sparkplug for their lawnmowers!

Thanks for not making lawn mowing a dreaded chore anymore!

Backed by a five year, 100,000-mile warranty, E3 Spark Plugs with DiamondFire technology, are also available for most automotive and motorsports applications at automotive retail stores nationwide.  For more information and complete test results, visitwww.e3sparkplugs.com.


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