E3 Spark Plugs Rev Up Your Snowmobile Engine

Planning one more trip out to the slopes before the springtime thaw comes around? Make sure you finish the snowmobiling season with a blast by installing E3 Spark Plugs in your snowcat. Our DiamondFire technology sets us apart from all other spark plug makers, allowing for improved engine performance and cleaner emissions. Whether you’re a mountain dweller using your snowmobile for day-to-day running, racing professionally or just occasionally kicking up some power for the sheer fun of it, E3 Spark Plugs can boost your snowmobile engine’s performance.

E3 Spark Plugs are designed specifically to increase engine horsepower, improve fuel efficiency and reduce engine emissions that harm our environment and air quality. We spent years developing a whole new electrode design in our own laboratories and testing them in two leading engineering universities with the help of some of the nation’s top researchers and professors specializing in combustion and engine dynamics.


The result is E3 Spark Plugs’ patented Edge-to-Edge electrode that gives your automobile, power sports vehicle and snowmobile spark plugs a clean power boost. Independent tests show that using E3 Spark Plugs increases engine horsepower by up to 12 percent compared to conventional spark plugs and can extend your engine’s life. Key is our exclusive DiamondFire configuration that allows snowmobile and other power sports vehicle engines to run more efficiently and burn fuel more completely than does traditional spark plug technology. It works by getting the flame process started a notch earlier so that the air and fuel mixture already in the combustion chamber is fully burned rather than vented off into the air we breathe.

Of course, results will vary depending on your snowmobile engine’s class and operating conditions, but those firing on E3 Spark Plus typically use as much as 13% less gas than those using standard spark plugs. This means a reduction in carbon monoxide emissions by up to 42% and hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50% in long term use according to several independent studies.

So, if you really want to kick up some powder before the snow fades into springtime, choose E3 Spark Plugs for your snowmobile. Visit our online catalog to determine just the right snowmobile spark plug you need, then click the Power Sports link to find out where you can buy yours. Need more information? Use our convenient online email form to reach an E3 Spark Plugs representative today.


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