E3 Spark Plugs Research at Michigan Tech Featured on Stacey David GEARZ TV Show

Engineering research involving E3 spark plugs will be featured on an upcoming episode of Speed TV’s GEARZ starring Stacey David, a nationally recognized automotive expert. Each week on GEARZ, sponsored in part by E3 Spark Plugs, David pushes the limits of creativity and automotive logic, building some of the most unconventional, even downright crazy cars you’ve ever seen. GEARZ is geared toward teaching viewers all the tools and tips needed to build or customize a one-of-a-kind ride.

The episode centers on the work of a team of scientists and engineers at Michigan Technological University’s Keweenaw Research Center involving E3 spark plugs in automotive and snowmobile engines. They’re constructing a laboratory that will support a pressure vessel able to withstand pressures and temperatures that occur in most combustion applications – including inside spark plugs. The pressure vessel will allow scientists to study issues involving transport phenomena and thermo-chemical processes and related issues including flammability and safety; spark-ignited and diesel fuel-air mixing and combustion; and bio-fuels and alternative fuels mixing and combustion.

E3 Spark Plugs proudly supports the work of numerous researchers on the Michigan Tech team including principal Dr. Jeff Naber, Dr. Seong-Young Lee and research engineer Jeremy Worm. After all, E3’s diamond fire technology was developed and tested by top professors of combustion and engine dynamics at two leading engineering universities before hitting the market.

While filming, David and his crew visited the Keweenaw Research Center as well as Michigan Tech’s ion propulsion lab and driving simulator. They also visited the MTU Four Wheelers, a student group of four-wheel and off-road vehicle enthusiasts who share off-roading adventures and even help law enforcement in the search and rescue of lost individuals. David autographed the dashboards of several student vehicles, which undoubtedly are outfitted with E3 spark plugs.

Be sure to tune in for E3 Spark Plugs’ GEARZ plug!


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