E3 Spark Plugs Recommends “Art Car: The Movie???

Art Car: The Movie follows several artists as they prepare for the 2010 Houston Art Car Parade.

With 300 entrants and more than 300,000 spectators, the Houston Art Car Parade is the biggest of its kind worldwide. And if you’ve never had the chance to experience it, E3 Spark Plugs highly recommends Art Car: The Movie, an entertaining and inspiring telling of the classic American story of the quintessential form of public art.

Premiering at the Cinema Arts Festival in Houston last night, Art Car follows a cadre of artists as they prepare for the 2010 Houston Art Car Parade. Two artists getting lots of screen time are Rebecca Bass, a teacher at an underprivileged high school struggling with her art class to complete what will be her 20th, and possibly last, art car; and Mark “Scrapdaddy” Bradford, a full-time artist grinding to make ends meet while conceptualizing his ultimate artistic dream. Both are renowned Houston artists and Art Car Parade veterans with one shared goal and two very different approaches for hitting that goal.

Viewers also peek in on the parade’s organizer, the Orange Show for Visionary Art and the City of Houston for a look at the behind-the-scenes stress-fest that makes the Art Car Parade a success each year. Along the way, you’ll also travel across the U.S. with co-directors Carlton Ahrens and Ford Gunter visiting artist, critics and academics in a mind-boggling quest: to define the car’s place in the art world, in American culture and as a reflection of self.

A few celebrities make the cut, too, including 2010 Grand Marshal Dan Akyroyd, 2010 participant Larry the Cable Guy and past Grand Marshal George Clinton. Art Car likely will travel the film festival circuit for a bit before landing theatrical release or DVD distribution. Visit the film’s website for updates.

Have you ever participated in or attended a Houston Art Car Parade? We want to see your pics. Post ‘em on our E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page. And make your travel plans now for the 2012 parade in May.


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