E3 Spark Plug’s Picks – Three Great Automotive TV Shows Picks

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior - It's on!

Here at E3 Spark Plugs, we love all things automotive. And that includes some great TV shows that cater to car lovers, whether you’re a bonafide gearhead or just love the look and feel of a great set of wheels. Here are our top picks for must-see automotive TV shows:

BBC’s Top Gear: What began as an admittedly boring 1970s automotive show has become a global driving adventure a la Monty Python-meets-The Amazing Race. The show’s stars are three middle-aged British blokes who travel the world conducting elaborate challenges that push the boundaries of television and automotive acceptability. Episodes have featured the three driving the world’s smallest car through the BBC offices, smashing a long haul truck through a brick wall, and Tom Cruise nearly killing himself clocking the season’s fastest lap in and underpowered Kia. Says Executive Producer Andy Wilman of the show seen weekly by 350 million viewers in 170 countries, “It’s a journey into the male mind, which, I believe, is a really, potentially, very funny place.”Cause, let’s face it, nothing happens there.”

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: “For the Teutuls, what was once a family business is now a family feud, and all bets are off for what new fireworks await in AMERICAN CHOPPER: SENIOR VS. JUNIOR,” writes the Discovery Channel about the latest transformation of its hit show, American Chopper. The series began as a reality show following the day-to-day chaos happening behind the doors of Orange County Choppers, a California custom motorcycle design and fabrication shop founded by Paul Teutul, Sr. Son Paul, Jr. was the chief fabricator and designer of the shop, which first rolled onto the scene at the 1999 Daytona Biketoberfest. In what could prove to be either a permanent family rift or a prodigal son story in the making, Junior has opened his own company, Paul Jr. Designs right across the street from Dear Old Dad’s shop and brought back several former OCC employees.

Stacey David’s GEARZ TV: Of course, Stacey David’s GEARZ TV will always be a favorite of E3 Spark Plugs. It’s a regular guy kind of show that shows gearheads everywhere how to expertly build, restore and maintain that hot rod you’ve envisioned since you were a teenager with a socket wrench and a dream. Unlike the hosts of many popular automotive TV programs, David does all the designing and building himself. Every viewer watches with the mindset that “if David can do it, I can do it.” That’s why E3 Spark Plugs is proud to be a show sponsor.

What’s your favorite automotive TV show? E3 Spark Plugs wants to know. Leave us a comment on our blog or on our Facebook Fan Page.



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