E3 Spark Plugs’ Last-Minute Stocking-Stuffer Picks

E3 Spark Plugs has a few great stocking stuffer tips for the auto buff you love.

Are you a serious slacker when it comes to holiday shopping? No worries. E3 Spark Plugs has a few great ideas for those last-minute, stocking-stuffer gifts for the auto buff on your Christmas list.

  • A good read: A subscription to an auto magazine is always a welcome gift from a car enthusiast. There are lots to choose from. Publications like Automotive News and AutoWeek, which offer across-the-board industry coverage. Others like European Car, Hot Rod and Vette cater to car lovers with particular automotive interests.
  • That’s the ticket: A pair of tickets to a great auto event, whether to a mud-flinging Monster Truck show or a fancy-schmancy Concours d’Elegance, is sure to get you a sincere “OMG, I love it!”
  • Help!: If there’s a teenager in the family who will be driving for the first time soon, consider a roadside emergency kit. AAA memberships are very popular holiday gifts for new drivers. An electronic tire gauge, a set of jumper cables and a battery- or cigarette lighter-powered car tire inflator (or at least a can of Fix-A-Flat) might not elicit the same shrieks of excitement as, say a new iPod pre-loaded with Justin Bieber tunes, but they’ll do doubt be much appreciate somewhere down the road.
  • A thrill ride: For the experienced driver and dare devil in the family, spring for a gift certificate good toward a Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure package. Packages range from a four-lap intro for $195 to a full-throttle 80-lap experience for $3,695.
  • Power surge: Of course, we’d be remiss without suggesting a set of E3 car, truck or motorcycle spark plugs Our favorite stocking stuffer will give your loved one a boost in engine power and efficiency, a little extra change in their pockets rather than the gas tank, and a bit of feel-good mojo knowing that a cleaner ride is good for the environment.

Got more great stocking stuffer ideas? Post them on our E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page. And remember to keep it safe on the roadways this holiday season. Slow down, watch out for impaired drivers and, if you plant to imbibe in a little liquid joy yourself, designate a non-drinking driver. From all of us here at E3 Spark Plugs, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and best wishes for the New Year!


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