E3 Spark Plugs is a New Proud Sponsor of Motorz TV

E3 Spark Plugs and American Powertrain this year are partnering with Motorz TV, the web-based television show devoted to how-tos for the Average Joe. Executive Producer/Host Chris Duke “keeps it real” by showing auto enthusiasts how to install products on their vehicles with common tools found in any regular guy’s garage.

Chris Duke, Executive Producer and Host of Motorz TV, sponsored by E3 Spark Plugs and American Powertrain.

Duke is a former Senior Editor of Ford Truck World Magazine, which began as his own hobby website, “F-15 World.” He also started Truckblog and Muscle Car Blog and publishes the Truck Hownd aftermarket product guide. Though he’s a passionate gearhead, Duke has a few other interests, too. He founded Appmoto and Runner+, an online community of more than 9,000 runners from more than 115 countries.

Recent Motorz TV episodes featured instructionals on vehicle detailing, auxiliary lighting, truck bed protection, stereo installation, underdrive pulley installation and – our personal favorite – a full episode devoted to spark plugs, which Duke calls the “single most important part of your engine.” Of course, we agree wholeheartedly.

Motorz TV can be seen via 33 media outlets, including the Motorz.TV website; broadcast, cable and satellite TV networks; set-top boxes such as Apple TV, Google TV and TiVo; and via mobile apps. Got a question for Duke? Viewers who write in to the show and have questions answered during the “Letterz” segment will get free E3 spark plugs and other prizes.


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