E3 Spark Plugs Improve Power and Increase Efficiency

With today’s gas prices, it is now more important than ever to keep your engine running efficiently.  What about your engine’s power? Is it possible to have an engine that puts out maximum power yet still saves fuel?  Of course it is and E3® Spark Plugs with DiamondFire™ Technology will help you get there.

Only E3 Spark Plugs with DiamondFire Technology feature a diamond-shaped electrode with a revolutionary Edge-to-Edge design.  This patented design, the result of years and years of independent testing, delivers forced edge-to-edge spark discharges; proven to be the most efficient and effective way to get a spark to leave a surface.  DiamondFire technology, proprietary to E3 Spark Plugs, allows the flame-front to grow unimpeded towards the piston faster to create a more complete burn of the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder thus increasing power and reducing the amount of fuel/air mixture that is vented out through your exhaust.  By simply replacing your existing plugs with premium E3 Spark Plugs, your engine will have improved performance and efficiency.

Backed by a five year, 100,000-mile warranty, E3 Spark Plugs, with its remarkable DiamondFire technology, are now available for most vehicles at automotive retail stores nationwide.  For more information and complete test results, visit www.e3sparkplugs.com.


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