E3 Spark Plugs Has Tips for Decorating Your New Digs

Couch and footstools made from a 1959 Cadillac by Vintage Vending.

If you’re a bona fide auto buff with new digs to decorate (or old ones that need some serious makeover mojo) E3 Spark Plugs has a few interior decorating ideas you’ll love. Turns out old cars never die. Many of them get new lives as fabulous furniture pieces. Here are a few of our favorites (check out the gallery below for photos):

1959 Cadillac Car Couch: A company called Vintage Vending created this gorgeous and quite comfy-looking couch from the back quarter of a ’59 Caddy. Normally, cars-turned-couches feature seating inside the trunk space with taillight fins facing forward and are made so that the back of the couch faces the wall. This one was made just the opposite. It features taillight fins on the back of the couch, with the seating facing the opposite direction. So, unlike most, this couch can sit in the middle of a spacious room and look great from either side.

GMC Truck Bed: California artists Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurente created this piece of rustic glory from an old GMC truck. The hood forms the headboard and the grill makes a great looking footboard. Those posts are made from oxy-acetylene tanks used in welding. And check out the vintage gas pump-turned-storage chest.

Seatbelt Chair: One incredibly talented design student at the University of Cincinnati created this black and white chair made from reclaimed seat belts and steel truss he found in a local junkyard. Minimalist, elegant and definitely durable. Spruce it up with a colorful seatbelt throw pillow by TING, a London- and Los Angeles-based design firm specializing in home items and accessories made from salvaged materials.

Trunk Tables: Dallas-based Weld House makes the coolest modern tables, armoires, beds, desks, even mail boxes and art pieces using reclaimed steel plates. These typically are the hoods and trunk lids of 1950s-1980s junked cars and trucks with metal surfaces that have been “weathered and worn to a beautiful mixture of solid color and patina,” the company’s website says.

Tire Loungers: Two chairs made from tires caught our eye. One, an ultra modern ergonomic piece by Ludovic Peperstraete, kind a looked like a lounging cartoon skeleton at first glance but we quickly saw the comfort potential. But it was the massive Easy Chair type piece made from overlapping layers of tire strips that we really love. We have no idea who designed it or who might have one in their living room or mancave. But we want one just like it.

Engine Coffee Table: You can bet that if you order an engine coffee table like the one made from a vintage Jaguar V12 by the UK’s Dave Clark Designs, the shipping alone will be pretty pricey. But you’ll have some serious bragging rights, too.

Spark Plug Dancers: Of course, you’ve got to have something decorative to display on your engine table besides your favorite beer mug. Might we suggest the delightful dancing couple sculpture by artist Dick Cooley, better known as the Spark Plug Guy? Note to self, we’ve gotta send this guy a big ol’ box of E3 spark plugs.

Got more great furniture pieces made from car parts? Post a pic on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page.





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