E3 Spark Plugs Has the Cure for the Adrenaline Junkie: Ford’s Octane Academy!

You know you wanna drive it! E3 Spark Plugs racing fans are rushing to sign up for the Ford Octane Academy and the chance to show up a few of today's top racers.

You’ve called plenty of races from your sofa or from the stands. Now, E3 Spark Plugs racing fans have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hang with the big boys and take in the view of the tracks from behind the steering wheel.  Power up your video camera and ready your audition for Ford’s Octane Academy.

Never heard of it? Octane Academy is an all-new action sports program that pairs the gutsiest young race fans out there with four of today’s top racers: Vaughn Gittin, Jr., Ken Block, Tanner Faust and Brian Deegan. Chosen participants will attend four fantasy weekend camps designed and run by the pros, taking on an array of challenges and dares to see which participant can best measure up. And each will have to prove himself (or herself – we know lots of ladies that can give any guy out there a run for his racing money) from the drivers’ seats of Gittin Jr.’s Mustang drift car, Block’s and Foust’s rally machines and Deegan’s off-road trucks.

“Getting the chance to create my own challenges for the hard-core competitors who want to take on the challenge of Ford Octane Academy is going to be crazy,” said Deegan in a media release announcing the program. “I can’t wait to bring competitors to my spot, the Compound, to give them the ultimate Ford action-sports adventure.”

The best part? The overall winner of each camp will drive home a one-of-a-kind vehicle created by Block, Foust, Deegan or Gittin Jr.

While it’s a dream waiting to happen for a select few lucky racing fans, Octane Academy also is being lauded a genius marketing move by Ford. More than 300 action sports competitions take place each year, with more than 22 million athletes participating and more than $12.1 billion racking up in retail sales.

Think you’ve got what it takes to take on racing’s top pros? Hit up www.OctaneAcademy.com to find out how to register. And if you’re readying for your next race, or just looking to rev up your ride, remember that E3 Spark Plugs are “Born to Burn.”



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