E3 Spark Plugs Digs These Patriotic Rides

Many American auto owners show their patriotic pride with amazing paint jobs.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of a sweet ride.” Well, something like that, anyway. This week, E3 Spark Plugs joins the rest of the nation in celebrating 237 years of independence.

“Believe me, dear Sir – there is not in the British Empire a man who more cordially loves a union with Great Britain than I do,” said revolutionary badass Thomas Jefferson in a November 1775 sendoff to the British Crown. “But, by the God that made me, I will cease to exist before I yield to a connection on such terms as the British Parliament propose; and in this, I think I speak the sentiments of America.”

Eight months later, the new nation’s leaders would ratify the Declaration of Independence, giving the British Empire the official boot.

Today, America’s gear heads are as patriotic as they come. And many show it on their beautifully adorned cars, trucks and motorcycles. Check out our gallery of 10 great patriotic rides and post pics of your favorites on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page.

From all of us here at E3 Spark Plugs, have a safe and happy Fourth of July.


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