E3 Spark Plugs Digs Photographer Peter Lippmann’s “Paradise Parking???

From Peter Lippman's "Paradise Parking" photograhic series

Every classic car buff loves a great barn find story. Tales of rummaging through cobweb-entangled masses of long-forgotten stuff, then catching a glint of sunlight shining on a dust-covered heap in the far back corner enthrall. Especially when pulling away the cover brings one face-to-face with a rare automotive gem – and even better when that gem is proven to have real restoration potential.

But not all abandoned rides are lucky enough to be hidden away in a decaying barn, garage or back-yard shed. Some are simply left outside, offered up to the elements like metal and glass table scraps. They’re often found in back yards of boarded-up homes or simply parked and left in fields or forests where a relentlessly hungry Mother Nature devours them little by little. Enter renowned photographer Peter Lippmann and the result is a series of eerily beautiful images that conjure up simultaneous feelings of awe and loss. Some no doubt were highway head-turners and who knows the restoration potential they might have had.

Lippman’s photographic series, Paradise Parking, is on display at the Gallery Sophie Maree in Amsterdam. But if a quick trip to the Netherlands is out of the question, you’re in luck. A book is set for release in October. And E3 Spark Plugs has a sneak peek (see gallery below).

Got a great story about an abandoned ride brought back to life? We want to hear it. Post your pics and stories on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page.





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