E3 Spark Plugs Continues Probst Motorsports Sponsorship

E3 Spark Plugs recently announced another season’s partnership with Probst Motorsports in the Lucas Oil Off road Racing Series presented by GEICO Powersports. E3 Spark Plugs will remain a major sponsor of the champion off-road truck racing team throughout the 2010 tour.

This year marks the third year for the Team Lucas-E3 Spark Plugs partnership with Illinois-based Probst Motorsports, featuring longtime racer Kevin Probst, a 30-year veteran of the sport. Probst will spend the 2010 season behind the wheel of a newly built Chevrolet Uweld Unlimited 2 chassis, specially designed for the Lucas series and assembled in just over six weeks, which debuted earlier this month at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s new off-road race facility.

Probst Motorsports is a family-owned-and-operated off-road racing company led by Kevin Probst and nephew Jon Probst, who began racing in 2006 and is quickly becoming a favored name on the off road truck racing scene.

Based in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL E3 Spark Plugs manufactures and markets patented spark plugs for everything from chain saws to champion powersports vehicles. Developed to help customers increase power, improve fuel efficiency and reduce engine emissions that contribute to global warming, E3 spark plugs are engineered to completely and more efficiently burn the fuel/air mixture in the spark plug cylinder.

Lucas Oil, a leading manufacturer of high-quality automotive oil and additives, is based in Corona, CA with offices in Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Poland and the United Kingdom. The company has been involved in off-road racing as well as NASCAR, NHRA and the Indy Racing League for years and each year creates new and improved automotive products via its state-of-the-art laboratories.


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