E3 Spark Plugs Congratulates Lucas Oil on its Purchase of MAVTV

E3 Spark Plugs congratulates Lucas Oil & MAVTV!

E3 Spark Plugs sends out a huge “congrats” to Lucas Oil Products on its purchase of the MAVTV cable network. Our longtime racing partner Lucas Oil already had been one of the network’s key shareholders and strategic partners since its original 2008 investment. But the company now owns full control of MAV TV and promises another major financial infusion.

Founded in 2002 and launched in 2004, MAVTV is billed as “TV created by men for men.” Developed by four former Showtime Networks executives, the network provides original content from a uniquely mail perspective: “Car crashes, fist fights, hair-raising sprints to the finish and breathtakingly beautiful women-all in fantastic HD detail,” its website says. “What more can a man ask for?”

“For MAVTV, we’re focusing on three main areas including significant programming buys from major studios, exclusive new programming and an aggressive marketing campaign to improve consumer awareness,” says Lucas Oil Products Executive Vice President Bob Patison.

The company’s Lucas Oil Studios division in Corona, CA already produces more than 350 hours of motorsports and lifestyle television programming each year. With a cutting-edge production facility and an extensive portfolio of marketing relationships, Lucas Oil plans local media buys and prominent brand positioning within Lucas Oil properties such as Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts). Grassroots marketing campaigns at more than 400 racing events nationwide including Lucas Oil’s Off Road Racing Series, Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series, Lucas Oil Pro Pulling events and multiple NHRA teams.

You’ll just have to stay tuned to see what Lucas Oil has in store for new MAVTV programming and infrastructure. Whatever it is they’ve got planned, we at E3 Spark Plugs are sure it’ll be well worth watching. We’re proud to be a partner and sponsor with so many amazing Lucas Oil events and projects and look forward to the next chapter in amazing motorsports programming.


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