E3 Spark Plugs Celebrates Shark Week with a Look at the Audi Shark Concept Car

The Audi Shark concept hover car, designed by Kazim Doku.

Oh yeah, baby! Discovery Channel’s annual mother of all cable TV promotional stunts has begun. To celebrate this year’s Shark Week, we here at E3 Spark Plugs are throwing back a bit to 2008 and the emergence of the Audi Shark concept.

Last year, we saluted Corvette’s 1961 Mako Shark concept car, arguably the coolest concept ride EVER. But the Audi Shark, unveiled in 2008, is pretty darn cool, too. It was created by then 26-year-old Kazim Doku as an entry into the Desire Design Competition co-sponsored by Audi and Milan’s Domus Academy. Not surprisingly, his design won. And in the highly unlikely case it ever hits the production line, sign us up!

Never mind that the Audi Shark isn’t technically a car, but rather a hovercraft. In fact, that just makes it all the more awesome, frankly. With a look and design features that pay homage to celebrated Italian automobile designer Walter de Silva and borrows elements from the R8, TT and S5, this ultramodern two-seater has a driver’s position similar to a motorcycle but with a front-hinged canopy enclosure. Air foils replace wheels. Futuristic tail lights made of LED-outfitted transparent tubes jut from the rear and a rear lower spoiler lends an underwater look, while a paddle system lends balance and control.

We’re unsure just where Turkish-born Kazim Doku is today, but over the past few years, he’s no doubt made his country proud, racking up multiple design competition wins. Prior head-turning Doku designs include the fabric-skinned Peugeot Ustuminki and a doorless concept called KA-Design.

Some argue that the Audi Shark doesn’t particularly look like a shark. Whatevah. It’s a crazy cool George Jetson-meets-Jaws futuristic ride and we want one. Happy Shark Week, America.


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