E3 Spark Plugs Announces Sponsorship of Roger Williams Racing

E3 Spark Plugs announces their new associate sponsorship of UMP Dirt Modified racer Roger Williams.  Williams will be campaigning his 700 horsepower, methanol burning, small-block Chevy powered UMP Dirt Modified race car for National UMP Points, Lawrenceburg Speedway Points and the AMS Modified Series Points carrying the E3 colors.

Roger Williams is the owner of Williams Precision Engines and a builder of custom, high-performance racing engines.  WPE builds high performance street and racing engines for sprint cars, drag race cars, dirt modifieds and pro pulling vehicles.  Williams first decided that he wanted to be involved with E3 spark plugs after conducting tests on his dyno with his race engine where he saw for himself that E3 spark plugs provided a better, smoother power curve.  Williams tell us “When a product does what it says it’s going to do, that’s when I know I want it in my race engines.”

When E3 Spark Plugs Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Steve Joiner, was contacted by Williams regarding sponsorship he was convinced to get onboard because of Roger’s engine expertise and real-world testing capabilities through his race program.  “E3 is excited to be a part of the Williams Team because Roger gives us both a racer’s and engine builder’s point of view, and can provide valuable feedback about our product.”

Roger is proud to be involved with E3 Spark Plugs as well, saying “E3 represents new technology, increased power and superior performance, and that’s what we look for when selecting products for our race cars and our customer’s race cars.”

Roger Williams will be competing at over 20 events at Lawrenceburg Speedway this season plus several other events at regional tracks throughout Indiana and the midwest during the 2011 race season.

Backed by a five year, 100,000-mile warranty, E3 Spark Plugs, with their patented side-wire electrode, projects the combustion spark in a way that more quickly ignites the air/fuel mixture thereby creating a significantly faster and larger flame kernel.  In effect, this burns more of the available fuel, resulting in increased combustion efficiency for improved power and fuel economy with reduced emissions.  They are now available for most automotive, lawn & garden and power sports applications at automotive and home improvement retail stores nationwide. For more information and complete test results, visit www.e3sparkplugs.com.


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