E3 Spark Plugs and Robby Gordon Salute our Military

"Robby Gordon Army Challenge" was released on DVD in April.

E3 Spark Plugs supports America’s troops. So, when we heard that “Robby Gordon Army Challenge” was recently released on DVD, we had to get our copy. And we think you will too.

First aired on the Military Channel, “Robby Gordon Army Challenge” features NASCAR and off-road champion Gordon’s visit with the troops at Fort Irwin military base, a premiere training center for military members. While Gordon certainly has an impressive list of accomplishments over his racing career, he admits he’s got nuthin’ on our troops. Getting a firsthand glimpse of the real-life conditions that U.S. troops encounter on the front lines every day proved to be a real eye  opener for Gordon, and will for you, too.

The program follows Gordon as he tours Fort Irwin, engaging with the troops and teaching them Hummer off-road driving techniques that he’s developed during his career as a top racer. Along the way, the young soldiers teach Gordon a trick or two as well. A few even join him at the SCORE Las Vegas Terrible’s Prim 300 Desert Race in Nevada (SCORE International is an off-road sanctioning body in the sport of desert racing and is famous for its flagship event, the Baja 1000).

The visit proved to be a great morale booster for the soldiers at Fort Irwin and an experience Gordon will never forget. We think you’ll enjoy it too.

“Robby Gordon Army Experience” is available from Baha Unlimited. Tell ‘em E3 Spark Plugs sent you. And to all our military members at home and abroad, thank you!



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