E3 Spark Plugs Among EarthGarage.com’s top 10 Green Automotive Gift Picks

E3 Spark Plugs make a great gift for the tree hugger on your Christmas list. In fact, EarthGarage.com has named E3 Spark Plugs among their Top 10 Green Automotive Gift Picks for 2010. A division of New York-based Green Automotive Alliance, LLC, EarthGarage.com is an online resource that offers mainstream consumers tips for making their automobiles greener by using current technology, products and services – all while saving money.

E3 Spark Plugs make a great gift for the eco-minded driver on your Christmas list.

Says EarthGarage.com: “E3 spark plugs’ advanced Diamond Fire design translates into increased power output, fuel economy and reduced emissions in gasoline engines.” They’re right. Tests show that E3 spark plugs increase combustion pressure in the engine, allowing for faster flame speed and directional flame front improvements that result in a stronger, cleaner burn. And E3 is the only spark plug recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a “supplemental emissions control device.”

“When we considered the hundreds of items that are currently on the market, the main criteria for being part of the EarthGarage Team Gift List was that the product would make a car greener, it would be widely available to the public and it ultimately would save the consumer money,” says Bob Leonard, CEO of Green Automotive Alliance and founder of EarthGarage.com. “These products offer simple but meaningful ways to make a difference while having a positive impact on the environment.”

Other eco-friendly automotive gift ideas on EarthGarage.com’s list include a range of items from eco-friendly wiper blades and floor mats, to a crankcase additive that reduces friction and wear, to electrical gadgets designed to help improve gas mileage, diagnose check engine light warnings, analyze and optimize driving behaviors and more.

E3 Spark Plugs sends a big “Thank You” to EarthGarage.com for recognizing our product as a great holiday gift for the environmentally conscious driver. Visit E3′s online catalog to find out which automotive or power sports spark plug is best for your ride.


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