E3 Spark Plugs 2019 Pro Mod Drag Racing Series

Drag racing fans rejoice! E3 Spark Plugs returns as the title sponsor for the NHRA's 2019 Pro Mod Drag Racing Series presented by J&A Service. The twelve-event schedule will kick-off at the historic Gainesville Raceway for the 50th annual Amalie Motor Oil Gatornationals beginning March 14 through March 17. As one of the NHRA's longest standing events, NHRA Gatornationals is always a colossal blowout and nothing honors the history of the American muscle car better than the E3 Spark Plugs Pro Mod division.

Featuring both supercharged and nitrous powered engines, teams can choose to use any fashionable year, make or model bodywork to house their 3,000 horsepower power plant. Winning, on the other hand, it won't be that easy, as 30-plus entries are expected to follow the circuit in 2019. In fact, watch for some new names on this year's pre-entry lists as several top NHRA drivers have had their eye on this door-slammer class. The "run what you brung" mindset of the Pro Mod division has a special appeal to NHRA fans and the 250-mph runs keeps the competitors coming back for more.



2019 E3 Spark Plugs Pro Mod NHRA Drag Racing Series presented by J&A Service:




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