E3 Releases Project CARS Racing Sim Trailer

A scene from the new Project CARS video game, due for release in March.

If you’re already itching to experience the new Project CARS racing simulator, you’re in luck – Sort of. While it won’t hit your video game consoles until March, you can get a glimpse of what’s to come via the just-released trailer.

Among the sleek, sexy speedsters featured are a range of F1s, Hot Hatches, Hypercars and what looks to be a hydrogen-fueled Aston Martin Rapide S. Project CARS (which stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator) was developed by Britain’s Slightly Mad Studios and is slated for release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 17 in the US, March 20 in Europe. Wii U and SteamOS/Linux versions are expected later in the year.

Rather than go the traditional video game publisher financing route, developers raised funds for the game via sales of Tool Packs, which granted member players access to ongoing builds, allowing them to help contribute to the game’s development through various roles including content creation, QA and marketing media. Those members will cash in on a share of game sales profits generated within the first three years after the game’s launch.

Not only was its development approach a novel one, but company officials call Project CARS “the most technically-advanced, beautiful, intense and authentic racing game on the planet that’s been tested, guided and approved every step of the way by both gamers and real-life pro drivers alike.”

Plus, it reportedly boasts the largest track roster of any recent racing game. Thus far, 26 included circuits and tracks have been announced including the Sonoma Raceway, Bristol Motor Speedway and the California Highway here in the US; Japan’s Suzuka Circuit; the UK’s Glencairn; Australia’s Mount Panorama Circuit; Italy’s Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari; France’s Azure Coast and others in Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

Check out the latest Project CARS trailer, produced by E3 (No, not E3 Spark plugs – Electronic Entertainment Expo, the other E3)…


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