E3 Motorcycle Spark Plugs Salutes Alex Martin

Local favorite Alex Martin finished an impressive fifth overall at Spring Creek MX for Round 7 of the 250cc Lucas Oil AMA Pro-MX Championship at Millville, MN. Photo courtesy of www.racerxonline.com.

When mom and dad build a professional motorcycle track in your back yard, the world assumes you would have a distinct advantage when the Lucas Oil AMA Pro-MX Championship comes to town. Over the weekend, 250cc privateer Honda rider Alex Martin used his local knowledge of the track he grew up riding on to finish 7th and 5th respectively aboard his Eleven 10 Mods Honda for a fifth overall in Round 7 of Lite’s national championship. Although Martin agrees that he has a fondness for the sandy Millville soil at Spring Creek MX, the Minnesota native doesn’t really live there anymore. Like most professional motocross racers, most of his time is spent practicing year round in Georgia, Florida and southern California.

E3 motorcycle spark plugs fans continue to line the fences week after week as the AMA’s traveling circus brings the big top to their part of the country. Unfortunately for those who don’t like green, the Spring Creek MX National had little to offer as the Pro Circuit trio of Tyla Rattray, Dean Wilson and Blake “El Chupacabra” Baggett continued their 2011 domination of the Lites class. In both motos, the DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing Yamaha of Kyle Cunningham nailed the holeshot but each time one of Mitch Peyton’s Kawasaki would snatch the lead away before the end of the first lap.

In the opening race of the 250 class, it was Scottish-born motocross rider Dean Wilson who passed Cunningham and would lead every lap on his way to the checkered flag. Teammates Tyla Rattray  and Blake Baggett finished second and third. Cunningham would take fourth ahead of Yamaha teammate Gareth Swanepoel who benefitted from Justin Barcia’s spectacular crash that saw the Honda star stagger off with a broken nose. In Moto 2, it would be Rattray who would pass Cunningham for the lead on lap one. Like Wilson, the South African never looked back on his way to the win. Tied in points, the overall win went to Rattray with Wilson in second followed by “El Chupacabra” in third.

By virtue of his second overall, Wilson heads west with a 16-point lead over Rattray and 21-point lead over Baggett. Teams and riders now travel to the far northwest for Round 8 of 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Pro-MX season at Washougal, WA on July 23rd. If you’re looking for a motorcycle spark plug that was Born to Burn, pick up a box of E3 spark plugs for your motocross bike, street bike or hauler. E3 high performance replacement plugs are available at your favorite discount or auto parts store; or shop online at an authorized E3 dealer.


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