E3 Introduces the E3.112 DiamondFIRE Racing Spark Plug Designed for Chrysler Hemi and Ford Coyote Engines


Ponte Vedra, FL (October 31, 2017)…E3 Spark Plugs, manufacturer of the new line of DiamondFIRE ignition products, introduces the E3.112 DiamondFIRE racing spark plug.  Designed specifically for late model Ford Coyote and Chrysler Hemi engines, the new race plug has been under development by E3 for two years. Tailored for high hp boosted (turbo, nitrous or supercharged) applications, the plug features E3’s patented diamond-shaped ground electrode for maximum combustion and edge-to-edge spark, as well as a resistor to keep stock electronics functional.  The E3.112 improves power for the 5.0L Ford Coyote and Chrysler Hemi muscle and race cars while reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.


The E3.112 is the 13th SKU in the E3 racing spark plug line and continues the company’s aggressive push into the motorsports landscape. E3 racing spark plugs are designed specifically for normally aspirated and forced induction motorsports applications; drag, oval & off-road to allow maximum heat extraction, more horsepower, better torque and longer life.


“Whether it’s the Cobra Jet or Drag Pack Challenger, Detroit is churning out some fantastically fast cars these days,” says E3s vice president of motorsports, Rob Fisher. “Now they can get even faster. So many sportsman drag racers in sanctions like NHRA, NMRA, NMCA, etc. are racing these cars, we knew we had to develop a plug just for them. I can foresee that E3.112 will be one of our top sellers. After all, racers want to win and E3 will help them get there.”


Fisher adds, “E3.112 has been rigorously tested in the dyno cell and on the track with outstanding results. In its very first chassis dyno session the plugs showed a gain of 8hp and 14 lb./ft. torque over a leading competitor in the A-B Test.”


The test of the E3.112 was performed at Tuners Inc. in Jacksonville, FL on a 2014 Ford Mustang GT automatic with a 302 CID Coyote engine sporting forged internals and a Hellion Twin Turbo system running @ 16psi.


For more information about the new DiamondFIRE E3.112 racing spark plug, or E3’s full line of ignition products, visit www.e3sparkplugs.com, or visit E3 at the 2017 SEMA Show at booth number #71000, or in December at the Performance Racing Industry Show at booth #5173. For the latest company and product news follow E3 on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, or subscribe to E3’s You Tube Channel.


About E3 Spark Plugs and Performance Products

E3 Spark Plugs with patented DiamondFIRE technology, developed and validated by researchers from leading engineering universities, improves combustion efficiency for maximum performance.  As one of the leading spark plug companies in the United States, E3 manufactures a complete line of spark plugs for automotive, small engine, powersports and racing application.  In 2016, E3 expanded the company’s product line to include distributors, spark plug wires, coils and 02 sensors under the company’s DiamondFIRE brand. The DiamondFIRE line of ignition products firmly entrenches E3’s commitment to the automotive high performance and racing industry. For more information about E3 ignition products, visit e3sparkplugs.com, or follow E3 on Facebook.


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