E3 Introduces DiamondFIRE Racing Distributors, The First of a Complete Line of Racing Products

Ponte Vedra, FL (July 17, 2017)…Today, E3 announces a product line expansion with the introduction of DiamondFIRE distributors, spark plug wires, coils, 02 sensors as well as a complete line of racing products. The DiamondFIRE line of ignition products firmly entrenches E3’s commitment to the automotive high performance and racing industry.


E3’s new line of DiamondFIRE Racing Distributors are engineered to withstand the harsh motorsports environment found in all forms of racing. Offering part numbers for the most common Chevy, Ford, and HEI applications, all E3 DiamondFIRE Racing Distributors feature a smaller cap and bowl, and are designed to fit compact spaces. They come with a CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum housing that has O-ring grooves; a necessity when using a fully machined race engine block. Other features that separate E3 DiamondFIRE distributors from the competition include:


  • Special hot forging process – eliminates weak spots and porosity
  • Precision stamped and blanked cam plate & weights
  • Proprietary nitrocarburized surface treatment
  • Nylon rub pads
  • Centerless ground shaft rides on an upper sealed roller bearing
  • Fully adjustable mechanical advance
  • TIG welded throughout
  • Hardened iron drive gear – brass gear option available
  • Components molded in high quality 30% glass filled polyester (PBT)
  • Brass cap contacts for maximum conductivity
  • Dual magnetic pickups on E3.1416 (Chevy V8) - ideal for circle track racing
  • Comes complete with cap, rotor, wire retainer and mechanical advance curve kit


For more information about E3 DiamondFIRE Racing Distributors visit www.e3sparkplugs.com, or for the latest company and product news follow E3 on Facebook.


About E3 Spark Plugs and Performance Products

E3 Spark Plugs with patented DiamondFIRE technology, developed and validated by researchers from leading engineering universities, improves combustion efficiency for maximum performance.  As one of the leading spark plug companies in the United States, E3 manufactures a complete line of spark plugs for automotive, small engine, powersports and racing application.  In 2016, E3 expanded the company’s product line to include distributors, spark plug wires, coils and 02 sensors under the company’s DiamondFIRE brand. The DiamondFIRE line of ignition products firmly entrenches E3’s commitment to the automotive high performance and racing industry. For more information about E3 ignition products, visit e3sparkplugs.com, or follow E3 on Facebook.




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