Dangerous Door Latch Prompts Recall of 390,000 Ford Vehicles

Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford Motor Co. today issued a recall of some 390,000 Ford Fiesta and Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models sold throughout North America. Company officials warned vehicle owners of a potential door latch malfunction that can cause the door to become unlatched or even swing open while a vehicle is in motion.

The company confirmed that it received reports of two incidents in which latches malfunctioned. In one, the door bounced back and struck the driver. In the other, the door swung open and struck another vehicle. Though no major injuries were involved, Ford warns that there is a risk of serious harm.

Models affected by the recall were produced at Ford plants in Mexico and include the 2012-2014 Fiesta, the 2013-2014 Fusion and the 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ. Some 86 percent of the recalled rides are registered to owners here in the United States, with the rest in Canada and Mexico.

If you own one of the recalled rides, E3 Spark Plugs urges you to heed warnings and to take your vehicle to your nearest dealership for a free repair.


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