Bret Michaels Gives Spark Plug Art a Celebrity Boost

Team Diva hat worn by reality show star and former Poison lead singer Bret Michaels.

E3 Spark Plugs sends congratulations to Poison rocker-turned-reality TV star Bret Michaels for nailing this season’s Celebrity Apprentice win despite a much-publicized bout of medical woes. Oh — and we dig that hat, Bret. You all know the one. Several times throughout the season, Bret rocked a spark plug- and feather-adorned cowboy hat by designer extraordinaire Amy Skaling, founder of Team Diva. Known as “Diva Amy” to her growing fan base (which also includes celebutantes Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton), Skaling creates cowboy hats, caps, tank tops and bandanas embellished with an array of accessories including Swarovski crystals, nail heads, feathers and tiny ceramic skulls. Hers is a brawn-meets-bling style that’s getting lots of attention. Hey Amy – might we suggest using a shiny new E3 spark plug in your future designs?

Raygun / Sonic Disruptor Pistol by Scupltor "Skunk."

Team Diva’s designs got us wondering about other artistic uses of spark plugs and a Google search turned up an amazing sculptor who goes by the name “Skunk.” Also an avid biker, Skunk creates robots, ray guns and bicycle contraptions that bring to mind scenes from the sci-fi Western “Wild, Wild West.” His creations are made using bicycle chains, old gears, vending machine parts, discarded musical instruments and, of course, spark plugs. See if you can spot the spark plug in this image of a ray gun available via Skunk’s website.

Spark plug grasshopper featured on the Greensmithy Blog.

Oh, and then there’s this little guy, posted by blogger “Cameron” on the apparently defunct Greensmithy Blog. Not quite the glam of a Team Diva hat or the detail of a Skunk sculpture, but he’s got the warm and whimsical charm that only a spark plug bug can exude. Got some great spark plug art of your own to show off? Become a fan of the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook Fan Page and post your pics on our wall feed. And, watch for some incredible spark plug-inspired  tattoo art in an upcoming E3 Spark Plugs blog.

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