Breaking Out the Snowmobile? Make Sure it’s got New Spark Plugs

Snowmobile season is underway throughout the northern U.S. Is yours ready? E3 Spark Plugs offers a checklist to make you won’t find yourself stranded on the slopes.

Make sure you've got a new set of E3 snowmobile spark plugs before you head out onto the slopes this season.

First, top off before heading out for each ride. These include gas, oil, coolant and brake fluid. Make sure that you check the engine coolant level only when the engine is cold. This will prevent an inaccurate reading, not to mention the chance of burning your skin or eyes with hot coolant.

Check for proper chassis lubrication several times over the course of the season – at least three times, more if you use your snowmobile daily. Use a high quality, low temperature grease to help prevent premature wear and corrosion on your snowmobile’s steering and suspension components.

Also check for proper operation of your snowmobile’s throttle lever, throttle override system, brake lever, starter rope, engine stop switch, drive belt and track, sliders, skis and carbides.

It’s also recommended that you start each season with new spark plugs. Says one participant in recent snowmobiling online forum: “Find your local retailer that sells E3 spark plugs. They work better than any
other spark plug I have ever used in a snowmobile or auto application.”

We happen to agree. Log on to our website to find the right E3 snowmobile spark plugs for your particular model and enjoy the power and fuel efficiency of our patented DiamondFire technology, designed with the eco-conscious driver in mind.


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