Art Meets the Motorcycle – E3 Spark Plugs Recommends “Art of the Chopper??? Exhibit

"Mad Rat" by Jerry Graves is one of more than 30 magnificent machines on display at Union Station as part of the Art of the Chopper exhbit. Photo by Tom Zimberoff.

If you’re in the Kansas City, MO area soon, E3 Spark Plugs has a best-bet recommendation for you.  Check out the Art of the Chopper exhibit at the famous Union Station, featuring more than 30 of the most original, fantastical designs ever to rumble out of a greasy workshop.

These customized and fully functional machines are hand-built by the likes of Indian Larry, Rick Fairless and other well-known names in the custom bike world. The carefully curated exhibit is based on renowned photographer Tom Zimberoff’s best-selling books, Art of the Chopper and Art of the Chopper II, and will feature photographic documentaries on each of the bikes and their makers, plus in-depth analysis of their design philosophies and unique styles. And while it’s obviously targeted to a primarily male audience, Zimberoff and organizers stress that they expect the event to remain family friendly.

“I would like to think of it as an intellectual draw,” Zimberoff told reporters. “It really is designed to help the general public understand there is more to motorcycles than the traditional biker image.”

The exhibit runs Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays) weekly through September 25. Feel free to take your own photographs, but leave your snacks, drinks and chewing gum at home. If you do snap a few photographs, be sure to share your favorites with E3 Spark Plugs via our Facebook fan page. And if you’re hitting the road to Union Station on your own mechanical work of art, be sure to load them with a set of born-to-burn E3 motorcycle spark plugs.


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