Amusement Park Built Just for Ferrari Fanatics

This seemingly otherworldly structure is actually the rooftop of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, sporting the largest Ferrari logo ever created.

There’s Disney for the animation fan, Universal Studios for the cinephile and Sea World for the marine lover. Now, there’s one for the fast car aficionado, too – but you’ll have to travel for it.

Opened just under two years ago, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the first and largest of its kind – an amusement park fully devoted to a singular automotive brand. More than 20 Ferrari-inspired rides and attractions tell the story of the iconic luxury brand created by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. A favorite feature is The Racing Legends, a multi-media dark ride with 3D thematic scenery that takes you into the heat of the action as you witness Ferrari’s legendary racing moments from 1950 on.

Motion-based simulators let riders lean into the corners on the Fiorano track and the streets around Maranello while riding shotgun with a Ferrari racing champion. A fast-paced, live and interactive game show lets you face off against other automotive know-it-alls for prizes and Fast Lane Champion bragging rights. Other exhibits take you inside a Ferrari factory, behind the scenes at a Grand Prix, and on a virtual tour into the guts of a colossal 12-cylinder Ferrari 599 engine.

But the most celebrated feature at Ferrari World is the Formula Rossa, billed as the world’s fastest roller coaster with speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. Its design draws inspiration from the most famous race tracks around the globe. And riders are required to wear safety goggles to experience the 4.8 Gs and a taste of F1 glory.

Located on Yas Island on the North East side of Abu Dhabi’s mainland, government-owned Ferrari World is set to become a major tourist draw for the United Arab Emirates. It’s already caught international attention, just for its massive, sleek red roof that spans nearly 50 acres’ space and sports the largest Ferrari logo ever created.

Have you visited Ferrari World Abu Dhabi? Post your pics and stories on the E3 Spark Plugs Facebook fan page. And let us know – If you could build a theme park inspired by a classic automotive brand, what would it be?


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