Amazing Season Ahead for E3 Spark Plugs-Co Sponsored Lucas Oil-Rockstar Modified Series

We’re looking forward to a jam-packed weekend here at E3 Spark Plugs. Racing fans are revved up over Saturday’s official start of the Lucas Oil-Rockstar Energy Drink Modified Series‘ 2011 season. Things heat up at the Havasu 95 Speedway in Lake Havasu City, AZ with the inaugural Dart Machinery LTD North-South Shootout, a newly created points series within a series that pits the talents of the Lucas Oil-Rockstar Energy Drink Series teams racing in southern California, Arizona and Nevada, against their equally talented modified racing contemporaries from northern California and Washington.

Jim Mardis, 2010 Lucas Oil-Rockstar Energy Drink Modified Series champion aims to defend his title in the 2011 series revving up March 26.

“This has the making of becoming one of the biggest racing events on the west coast,” said Lucas Oil-Rockstar Energy Drink Series Promoter Greg Scheidecker.”

Also new this year: two venues hosting series events for the first time. The Toyota Speedway at Irwindale, known as the fastest half mile oval in the southwest, and the Madera Speedway, the fastest third mile oval in the west, see series action in June, July and August. A new “Winners Circle” program awards a $200 bonus to any team that maintains a position in the top ten of the points standings – a nice financial boost to help cover increased travel costs. And, series drivers get a chance to showcase their talent on national television, via a broadcast agreement with MAV-TV. Crews will cover the June 4th race at the Toyota Speedway and the Nov. 5 race and the final product will air nationwide.

E3 Spark Plugs is back in the mix this year with the E3 Spark Plugs 75, a special post-season, non-points event. Winning won’t impact a racer’s final championship standings, but it will net a whopping $3,000 winner’s check, Bullsring victory lane bragging rights and the attention of modified racing teams from all across the western states.

Visit the Lucas Oil-Rockstar Energy Drink Modified Series website to get your tickets and hit up E3 Spark Plugs for high-performance spark plugs that’ll help get your car in race-ready condition.

Check out this recap of the 2010 Lucas Oil-Rockstar Modifieds 2010 action in Blythe, CA.


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