Top Five Auto Shows in the US

A scene from the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, the nation’s largest.

Here at E3 Spark Plugs, we’d rather be at an auto show than just about anywhere else in the world – except for behind the wheel of a fast car, of course. If you’re an enthusiast, too – whether of sleek new looks, futuristic concepts or vintage rides – we’ve listed the five biggest auto shows in the United States.

  1. Chicago Auto Show: Debuting in1901, it’s the nation’s largest and longest running auto show occupying 1.2 million square feet of the McCormick Place complex.
  2. North American International Auto Show: Often referred to by its original name, the Detroit Auto Show, this one has run since 1907, except for a 10-year stretch during World War II, when the manufacture and sale of cars to the masses was temporarily halted to support the war effort.
  3. San Francisco International Auto Show: It’s the largest show of any kind in North California and the second largest car show in the Western US. It debuted in 1958 in a bit of a protest against foreign auto dealers being rejected from participating in the local domestic auto show. So, a few rebels got together and created the Import Car Show, renaming it in 1982.
  4. New York International Auto Show: This one has the distinction of being the nation’s first automotive exhibition, opening in 1900.
  5. Grand National Roadster Show: Thousands of hot-rods, custom cars and Roadsters deliver one of the coolest spectacles around for automotive enthusiasts. A top feature is the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster Award.

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