Save on Gas by Blasting Your AC

Summertime is upon us. If you're among those living in the hotter, more humid states, you're likely already blasting your air conditioner. Feeling a little guilty about it? Don't. Turns out running your ride's AC can actually help boost your gas mileage a bit.

Running the AC does increase your vehicle's gas consumption - That's a no-brainer. But according to, driving on a hot day with the AC on is far more fuel efficient - and easier on your body's sweat glands - than cruising down the highway with your windows down. That's because at highway speeds, open windows can increase your car's aerodynamic drag, and that makes the engine work harder, sapping your miles-per-gallon rate.

A few other tips for staying cool and saving gas:

  • Park in the shade, so that your car doesn't get quiet as hot and your AC won't have to work quite so hard to cool you.
  • If you can't score a spot in the shade, use one of those reflective car window shields.
  • Roll down the window for the first few minutes of your drive to clear hot air out of the cabin. Then, roll them backup and crank up your AC.
  • If you happen to drive a hybrid, pre-cool your car while it's plugged in so that it uses cooling power from the electric grid rather than your vehicle's engine.
  • Enjoy it. If you're feeling a bit guilty about blasting that AC, remember that a cool, comfortable cabin means you're more likely to focus on the road rather than on your sweltering discomfort. And that means you and everyone on the road along your path is safer.

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