Road Tripping for the Holidays? E3 Spark Plugs Offers Money-Saving Tips

Roadtripping it this holiday season? E3 Spark Plugs offers tips to save you gas and money on your way to Grandma’s.

Planning to travel this holiday season? No doubt your wallet’s gonna feel it. Though gas prices of late have shown us a little mercy, they’re still far above what they were several years ago. So, E3 Spark Plugs offers a few gas and money-saving tips for your holiday road trip.

  • Plan your route: You know how women are always picking on men for their reluctance or downright refusal to ask directions, lest they lose a few points off their man card? Well the ladies are right. And all that running around looking for the right exit, the right road, the right turn and that landmark Waffle House wastes both fuel and dollars. Instead, plan your trip ahead of time. Websites like can help you plan like a pro, offering suggestions for food, hotels, attractions along the way and scenic routes. It also allows you to calculate estimated gas prices and avoid tolls.
  • Lighten the load: Unfortunately this probably does not mean you can leave your mother-in-law behind, so don’t even go there. Instead, chuck all that extra junk in your trunk, like those beach chairs you’ve been hauling around since last summer. And if you’re planning to stay several nights, pack as lightly as possible. Remember that vehicles weighted down with heavy, unnecessary stuff can burn through fuel at a rate of one to two percent per 100 pounds.
  • Roll up the windows: Open windows can boost the drag on your car, forcing it to use more fuel to compensate. Use your AC instead.
  • Keep the spark alive: Cleaning or replacing your spark plugs before heading out on a long roadtrip can help minimize your car’s performance and fuel economy. And switching to E3 car spark plugs gives you an extra economical boost. The patented Diamondfire Flame technology allows for a cleaner, faster, burn that increases fuel efficiency and saves you money – all while reducing harmful emissions, too.

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