Five Top Tips for Keeping Your Car Insurance Premiums Low

There are multiple ways to help keep your auto insurance premiums low.

Recently, E3 Spark Plugs gave you the low down on American cities with the highest car insurance premiums. This time, we’ve got good news – five top tips to help keep your insurance premiums as low as possible…

  1. Limit your mileage: Drivers with low annual mileage can save about 10 percent on their insurance. Plus, you may be eligible for a discount if you only drive your vehicle a couple of days a week. Consider carpooling with a co-worker, make use of public transportation or, if your destination is close enough, walk or ride your bike. Chances are you could use the exercise.
  2. Have a little loyalty: Insurance companies typically offer discounts to clients who stick with them for long periods of time and who renew their policies early.
  3. Bundle up & pay up: Buy your car insurance from the same company that provides your homeowners or life insurance, and you’ll likely score a discount. Paying your annual premium all at once rather than making monthly payments also will cut the total bill.
  4. Make the grade: Four-year college graduates and high school students who score a high GPA often can get a break on auto insurance premiums.
  5. Join the club: Membership in certain auto clubs, professional organizations, credit unions and alumni associations may make you eligible for premium discounts with some insurance providers.

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