Five Cool Concepts You'll See at the LA Auto Show

The 2015 LA Auto Show is underway at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Among the head turners you'll see are five seriously cool concepts…

  • Aston Martin DB10: This sleek, silver two-door coupe tops our list in large part because it was created specifically for the newest James Bond film, Spectre, which hit theaters nationwide earlier this month. It features a 6-speed manual transmission used on the British carmaker's V8-engined rides and a chassis based on a modified version of the VH Platform that underpins the V8 Vantage, but with a longer wheelbase.
  • Scion C-HR Concept SUV: A four-door, hatchback crossover with an edgy style and huge 21-inch wheels, ergo the "C-HR" which stands for "compact" and "high ride." Interestingly, its look is inspired by sleek chopsticks made from recycled materials and a cutting board with grid lines identified by "yuccies" (young, urban creatives) as design elements they want in their rides.
  • Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept: It's similar to the current Impreza but sleeker, shorter, more chiseled and with a slightly longer wheelbase. It's expected to lead to a road-ready version in the next few years.
  • Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport: Futuristic styling straight out of a science fiction flick. That's the best way to describe this ride that features a lightweight carbon fiber body, gullwing doors, an aviation-inspired steering wheel and transparent instrument displays.
  • Volvo Concept 26: This is perhaps the oddest of the concepts on display. Designers focused so strongly on the interior that they seemingly forgot to include an exterior body at all. Named for the average commute time of the average American driver the Volvo 26 is an "interior design concept" only that brings plenty autonomous travelling gadgetry, including seats that can be set to drive, relax or create mode. Drive mode gives you the conventional setup; create mode telescopes the steering wheel in, slides the driver's seat back and pops out a tray table for your laptop or other device; and relax mode slides the seat back and deploys a far cozier ottoman.

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