Faulty Brake Issue Forces Recall of 300,000 Chevrolet Cruze Cars

Chevrolet has recalled 300,000 Cruze cars over a braking issue.

Occasionally, even the most careful of drivers have to slam on the brakes in order to avoid a serious auto accident. And the next one could be you if you happen to drive a Chevrolet Cruze. E3 Spark Plugs just got word of a recall of nearly 300,000 Chevrolet Cruze cars over and issue with the vehicles’ brakes.

General Motors, which owns Chevrolet, recalled Chevy Cruze cars from model years 2011 and 2012, citing multiple reports of a problem with the cars’ brake assist systems. In Cruzes with six-speed automatic transmissions and 1.4-liter turbo engines, there exists a potential for “intermittent loss of brake assist,” GM Spokesman Alan Adler told reporters. As a result, drivers are forced to lay hard on their cars’ brake pedals in order to bring the vehicle to a quick, full stop.

Says Adler, “GM is aware of 27 alleged low-speed crashes but no injuries related to brake performance, which could include this issue.”

Still, even in low-speed crashes, the potential for car accident-related injuries is always there. In fact, rear-end impacts of as little as five miles per hour can do some real damage to your body. Research shows that low-speed impacts (one to 25 mph) and moderate-speed impacts (25 to 40 mph) cause maximum hyperextension of the cervical spine – a little something you know as whiplash. By comparison, high-speed collisions often break the back of a car’s seat. While that may sound drastic, it actually can be a good thing because it can minimize the force of hyperextension. Whiplash symptoms can include pain and aching in the neck, back and shoulders; sensory disturbance (that pins-and-needles sensation) in the arms and legs; and headaches.

If you are the registered owner of a Chevrolet Cruze, look for a letter or post card from GM in your mailbox soon. Or, click here and enter your VIN number. If your car turns out to be one of the nearly 300,000 affected by the recall, you can take it to your nearest Chevrolet dealership , where technicians will replace a microswitch in the power brake vacuum pipe assembly to address the problem free of charge. However, if you’ve already been in an accident caused by the faulty brake system, you may have a strong legal case. We suggest you contact a personal injury attorney.

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