“Fast & Furious 6? Slams into Theatres This Week

“Fast & Furious 6″ hits theater screens nationwide this Friday.

One of the most successful movie franchises in history revs up again, slamming into theatres across America this Friday. The creative spark plugs fueling the Fast & Furious 6 have delivered another fast-paced, fiery, fun film that includes a few surprises.

In the latest Fast & Furious sequel our hero team has left their former lives in the dust, having toppled the operation of a Brazilian drug lord and taking $100 million of his money with them. But all that cash and the new lives they’ve built can’t replace the families and lives they’ve left behind. So when Special Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) turns up looking a lot like his G.I. Joe character and asking for help in taking down an organization of lethally skilled mercenary drivers wreaking global havoc across 12 countries, Dom (Vin Diesel) can’t help but be pulled back into his old profession for one last gig – especially when he learns the criminal crew’s leader Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) is holding his presumed-dead lover, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).

Next thing we know, the Fast & Furious pack is back together, anxious for one last shot at clearing their names and reclaiming the lives they left behind – And it’s vehicular mayhem at its CGI-enhanced best. Among the visual cine-candy: a multi-car chase through the streets of Paris; a sports car posse vs. raging military tank battle down a cliff-side highway; a crazed attempt to permanently ground a jumbo cargo jet while it’s taking off across the world’s largest stretch of tarmac; and a few scenes wherein certain characters could really use a wingsuit.

While a critic or two has knocked the film for a few “illogical” and “unrealistic” scenes, we beg to … well, agree. But those criticisms are just the appeal. Nobody goes to A-list-cast car chase films looking for the logical. Uh uh. We want crazy, over-the-top, never-gonna-happen-off-screen stuff. We want beautiful cars, vicious villains, bulging-bicep-baring heroes and gorgeous heroines who know their way around high-powered sports car engines. Fast & Furious 6 delivers all that in spades.

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