Elvis Presley's BMW 507 Found and Restored

Elvis Presley BMW 507

Lovers of popular auction television shows like American Pickers, Auction Hunters or Pawn Stars have probably seen countless treasures uncovered in the least likely of places. While we don't know for sure, we're guessing that's exactly how members of BMW Group Classic felt a few years ago when they discovered Elvis Presley's BMW in an Alabama pumpkin farm. Previous owner Jack Castor had been storing the iconic vehicle there and BMW offered to purchase it.

Now, 2 years later, the car has been restored to its original glory. BMW took great care in using original parts whenever possible. For those they could not find, they replicated them using 3D printing technology. The BMW 507 chassis number 70079 was originally a race car driven by Hans Stuck. Elvis Presley purchased and drove the car in 1958 while enlisted with the US Army. Originally white, Elvis had painted the car red because female fans were in the habit of writing their phone numbers on his car when it was white. The restoration project was tedious but the results were well worth it. Sadly Mr. Castor didn’t live to see the finished result as he passed away at the end of 2014.

When Elvis returned to the states in 1960 he sold the car for $4,500. The new owner replaced the original 3.2-liter BMW V8 with that of a Chevy. When Castor first purchased the car he wasn't sure it actually belonged to Elvis. In 2006, however, the serial number was confirmed by a member of Bimmer magazine to Castor's delight.

Only 254 of the now-legendary 507's were built by BMW between 1955 and 1959. This rare collectible is worth up to $2.5 million in good condition. Elvis' former ride will soon begin a tour around the country starting in Pebble Beach. Keep an eye out on the E3 blog, and our Facebook page as we'll keep you updated on the car's progress around the nation.